Monday, April 23, 2012

PCB Schematic & Silk-Screen of 89C2051 Microcontroller Developement Board

      The developement board is dedicated for usages related to any 89C2051 (20 pin DIP) microcontroller, a very frequently used one in the academic arena. Generally, most of the evaluation boards available in the market are beyond the affordability range of an individual. Keeping this in mind the board is designed such that it will cope with various small-scale project related utilities and provide a deeper insight of microcontroller interfacing to the learners.

The Populated PCB alongwith Circuit Schematic are as follows:

Salient features of this developement board:
[1] It is a low-cost and simple design.
[2] Both of the two ports of the microcontroller are easily accessible for further measures.
[3] It has an on-board reset switch. 
[4] It is a Dual-Sided PCB Layout. 

[Note: The download link mentioned below contains the PCB silk-screen in a PDF file and the top-view of the Final PCB (with components populated on it) and Data-sheet of the foretold microcontroller and a list of components as well. Use the PDF file to develope the silk-screen for mass PCB fabrication.] 

Download Link:


  1. I certainly enjoyed the way you explore your experience and knowledge about the subject..thanks!

    1. If Exploration is the beginning of Enhancement then it would be an honour to Enhance my Experience, gathered against real-time challenges, under the hallmark of

  2. give me some idea on analog based device design

    1. I would definitely try to keep-up with your worthy suggestion, as soon as possible.