Friday, July 15, 2011

Evaluation Board Circuit for 8051 Microcontroller

The evaluation board is dedicated for usages strictly related to AT89C51 (40 pin DIP), which is an infamous microcontroller and a very frequently used one in the academic arena as well. Generally, most of the evaluation boards available in the market are beyond the affordability range of an individual. Keeping this constraint in mind the board is designed such that it will not only cope with various feasible utilities of the microcontroller but also it will provide a deeper insight of microcontroller interfacing to the rookies. 

The salient features of this 8051 evaluation board are:
[1] It is a very low cost design.
[2] It is very lucid.
[3] It has got an on-board regulated power supply (with LED).
[4] All 4 ports of the 8051 microcontroller are easily accessible for further measures.
[5] It has an on-board reset switch.
[6] ALE, PSEN are arranged in such a manner that both internal and external memory access can be performed with a minor knob movement.
[7] Port 0 pins can be used as input or output with no addendum (mere switch adjustment). 
[8] The board supports serial mode access through RS232 using MAX232 chip.


[Note: All it takes is just to refer the circuit diagram given above and rebuild the circuit using any PCB fabrication tool readily available over Internet (e.g. PCB wizard) and transfer the design to a silk-screen. Then a PCB can be easily fabricated from that silk-screen and the various components can be populated over it using a soldering iron. Voila... you are ready with your fully functional evaluation board.]

*** Anyway, take the Mediafire link to 'PCB Wizard 3.50 PRO' ("no installation needed")
[the file for the evaluation board with .pcb extension is also available along with it.] 

Mediafire Link:

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